November 19, 2002
my big fat greek wedding 2

not 2 as in they're making another movie, but 2 as in THEY'RE MAKING A TV SPINOFF.

"In the works for Rita Wilson: Exec producing a half-hour series based on "Wedding" to debut midseason on CBS."

it's even going to star nia vardalos from the movie. this is fucked up. will this damn movie never just go away and leave me in peace?

yeah i don't know why i take it so personally either. i think i'm just irritated by how they keep taking movies i want to see out of the dome the day before i'm going to go see them in order to put big fat fuck movie back in. maybe i should spray some windex on my heart to soothe it's achey breakey.

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November 18, 2002
harry potter and the chamber of secrets

they found the funny! they found the funny! oh man this movie was so good. and i was so happy that it made me laugh this time.

let's be honest here the first harry potter movie kind of sucked ass. they were trying so hard to do everything that was in the book that they kind of forgot to have any fun with it. or experiment with slightly different angles on it or anything. and so it was boring and long and even vaguely poorly filmed what with the whole inability to change light effects gradually thus giving people migraines in the theatre. but this one, oh man. i laughed so much more. considering i laughed maybe once the first time and although maybe i was laughing a lot in this one at inappropriate times. such as when lucias malfoy tells Harry that he'll meet a "sticky end." and my mind flashed to this report i heard on the radio last week about a truck that overturned that was carrying glue and how the clean-up crew was attempting to remove the glue from the highway and i was like, "sticky! harry potter! glue! sticky! hwee hwee eee heee!" you see what i'm saying? totally inappropriate and possibly unrelated. but whatever it was still so much better.

even though their voices are kind of changing and they do look a little old to be 12 year olds, (i mean, look how young they were in the first one! crap!. and possibly they're shifting the ron-Hermoine (and just look at her! she's so cute!) hook up to a harry-hermoine hook up. that's just my opinion, mind. (well and also erica's) but you know how in the books the implication between ron and hermoine's interactions is that they really like each other too much whereas her and harry can be a bit more open because they're just friends? well in the movie at the end when she goes to hug harry and ron. her hug with a harry is a trifle TOO much. it goes on just a little too long and the joy in their faces while they get to hug is a little bit more than just friends. besides that at the beginning when she finds him in diagon alley and you expect them to hug but she doesn't? it seemed like the hesitent tension was there between them. i don't know. it was odd. and you've got to kind of wonder since we know j.k. rowling has written the last chapter of the seventh book and thus the ending for each character is clear, you've got to wonder, right, whether they know already in the filming process what's going to happen since she is giving advice on set for certain things too. i mean...she already told hagrid what happens to him.

my brain totally works overtime at the movies doesn't it? ah well.

some parts of course were just gross. but they all did a really good job i thought. although watching harris sometimes was kind of sad, and near the end i was pretty sure that some of the angles they were doing and way they were filming his final scene with harry were due to the fact that they had to hide that it was some stand in actor and not really richard harris anymore.

on the whole though my opinion: harry potter 2 is super 8 great and i want to see it again already!

p.s. i forgot to mention that kennth branagh as gilderoy lockheart was really a huge hammy goodness too.

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8 mile


this entire movie i was sitting there panicking over eminem. like i was honestly WORRIED about him. it was amazing. i mean...let's be honest here i'm not the hugest fan. i don't own any cd's. i don't listen to rap anyway. but that boy can act. holy shit. and the amazing thing about it was that at times you wondered if it was acting or if it was him. what with all the real-life type connections they were trying to draw. it was wierd. what got to me was how....hurt he always looked. and hopeful and afraid of rejection, terribly afraid. and i was so scared that he would be rejected and i was so nervous when he had to do the battle things that he would lose or choke up again. i was curious if his fear in the movie was fear of the what his character was going through or what he in real-life would go thru when this movie came out. does he live in a state of trepidition more than one would reasonably assume if all one knew was his lyrics? or do his lyrics reflect this too? i wouldn't know not really having made a study of them.

my point, i guess, is that 8 mile was really good. HE was really really good. and even if you don't like him, maybe you should see it because it's hard at least not to feel something for him while watching this.

and britney murphy's really good too and kim basinger. and the little girl that played his sister (?).

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November 14, 2002
netflix list

i finally managed to get my entire netflix rental history and now every movie i've ever gotten from them is there in the sidetitle bar. it makes me happy to have a running history of what i've rented from them. and now if you're thinking of trying netflix, or thinking about one of those movies or whatever, you can ask me, if you want, if it was any good. or something. and for those of you who have dvd players and do not have netflix (although i don't think i know any one like that) you should seriously consider getting it. because it is the best thing EVER.

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November 12, 2002

alfred hitchcock. ingrid bergman. gregory peck. salvador dali.

basically this movie was kind of....not so great. i mean the writing...oh god the writing...let me sum it up for you with the following scene:

fake dr. edwards/peck and dr peterson/bergman are off on a picnic falling in love at first site, ok? and in order to fully illustrate how they are now in love, he offers her a choice between a ham sandwich and a liverwurst sandwich. and she, she in the most romantic, lyrical, longing, sentimental voice possible says,


it was painful to watch this. my explanation for how this fits into the plot is the following. ham is sane. liverwurst is insane. she chooses the insane choice. peck is playing a schizophrenic guilt complex insane man. she's rather "love/live" with the "worst" choice possible than live alone with plain old ham, boring spinsterhood.

however the dream sequence which is gorgeously art directed by salvador dali is incredible. and if you only watch 5 minutes of this movie, please let it be those 5 minutes. fucking insanely incredible.

and one last thing. why is it that hitchcock's supposed twist endings are always so flagrantly see through? it is so patently obvious who the killer is the entire movie that i was vaguely disgusted with the whole buildup to the point where ingrid bergman says, while clucthing peck's head to her bosum, "it was an accident! you didn't kill your brother! it was just a childhood accident!" you stupid psychological medical nonsense.

when i said one last thing, i meant wait for it there's going to be another one. there's this one line. brilliant. "women make the best psycho analysts. until they fall in love, and then they make the best patients." ha ha ha! what a knee slapper, you silly old man. just you sit down and let me make you some coffee. with an egg in it. (WTF?!!)

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November 04, 2002
the transporter


transporters! more than meets the eye!

ok out of all the movies i saw this weekend. and i saw A LOT. as i think you can tell. or should be able to tell by now. (although let's just say that 4 in one day is not a record. not even close.) uhh...point i had a point. right out of all of them the transporter was by far my fave rave. why you ask in stunned stupefaction? well because of 1)shu qi and 2)jason statham and 3)kung fu kicky kicky! explosions! guns! racing in cars! bang! whirr! whee! there was even some skydiving for those of us who are so inclined.

the plot was dumb. but whatever more than made up for by having a former porn star, actress, model, pop singer and a fucking sexy ass man who runs around sliding in oil and kicking some bad guys with no shirt on. you can't go wrong. honestly.

besides the oil fight scene which incorporated the brill of those things you slide your feet onto while on a bicycle to pedal with, my favorite scene...well ok the 2nd most pornographic, and #1 suggestive scene, was when shu qi is tied up in the trunk and jason statham decides to give her a drink with a straw. but of course she has duct tape over her mouth and so he cuts this tiny slit in it so he can put the straw in and she starts sucking away. ok....bondage be my middle name i guess, but watching her drink thru a straw with tape on her mouth and her hair all messed up while she was trapped in a car with her hands tied behind her back = incredibly sexy. (although perhaps not as sexy to some as her porn debut, sex and zen. if you go to the link attached to "porn" above there's a picture of the two girls with a flute and let's just say there's a scene where that flute is being inserted in some places it shouldn't be and then going in and out both at the same time. ahem.)

the chase scenes were great, the fight scenes were even better. and i strongly recommend it if you are looking for a good mindless action film.

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pretty much if the movie had ended like 20 minutes in after she gets in the bus accident and there's this image which lasts a good couple of breaths (if you're even still breathing because it's that gorgeous) of her lying there with her side, leg, and vagina pierced by this lead pole and there's gold dust floating everywhere, she's covered in it and bright red blood while the white of her shirt and the tan of so much exposed flesh practically glows. it's amazing. some of the imagery in the movie was just incredibly lush. which is not all that surprising i guess, since come on, frida kahlo. the part where she and diego go to new york and walk throught the murals is also impressive, just in sheer artistic scope.

my only complaint with the movie is length. as jason pointed out however, "it's like her whole life or something." but in a much more funny mocking tone of voice which made me laugh serious hard.

i also wish personally that i had known more about her artwork/looked at more of her paintings before seeing the movie. but that's a fault of my own really.

diego luna was adorable and fucking as usual. edward norton guest starring was wicked cool. ashley judd's dress was stunning and incredibly sexy, as was she. and selma hayek was a fucking incredible frida. she totally made that movie.

it's currently only playing in one theatre in the bay area (how dumb is that?) but it's the bridge theatre in sf at 3010 geary. i'm sure it will be in many many more places by the end of the month though. probably even the dome. so go see! it's good!


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tuck everlasting

sap. serious sap. and also....boring. well not boring exactly. but so PG it was squeaky. well except for that whirling dance sexy number alexis bledel did. but it was all coached in child transforming to woman ideology. followed the book pretty well i think. jason picked up a copy of it for 50 cents on the street for me somewhere soi'm going to try reading it again and look for any shocking discrepancies. but mainly i think the movie was just not very good. one good line was there though. when william hurt is telling winnie about why she shouldn't drink the water he says, and you'll grow up and "you'll do something important with your life, maybe you'll have children." i almost puked on myself right there. damn you disney and your "woman, get in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant" messages! huff.

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charlie's angels 2

the following is an artilce thing i found online about the charlie's angel sequel:

McG Gives Details on 'Charlie's Angels 2'
Sony has given selected members of the press a sneak peek at "Charlie's Angeles 2: Full Throttle," which is slated to hit theaters next summer.
The film, which stars returning Angels Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Liu, is shooting in Los Angeles, with the release date scheduled for July 27.
While all three of the Angels are back, one person who won't be returning is Bill Murray, who played the role of Bosley in the film. Comedian Bernie Mac is replacing Murray in the same role, which returning director McG promises will be explained.
"There is going to be (an explanation) in the movie, but it's handled subtly and I think you're in for a very interesting treat in respect to the legacy of Bosley," he says. "We have a little bit of fun with that."
He adds that the sequel will have fewer "Hidden Dragon, Crouching Tiger"-styled fight sequences, with a lot of wire work and slow motion, that we saw so much of in "Charlie's Angels."


but don't they realize that the wire work and cool effects MADE that movie? what the fuck are they thinking having less. and bernie mac?! nothing good can come of that! heh.

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