November 04, 2002
tuck everlasting

sap. serious sap. and also....boring. well not boring exactly. but so PG it was squeaky. well except for that whirling dance sexy number alexis bledel did. but it was all coached in child transforming to woman ideology. followed the book pretty well i think. jason picked up a copy of it for 50 cents on the street for me somewhere soi'm going to try reading it again and look for any shocking discrepancies. but mainly i think the movie was just not very good. one good line was there though. when william hurt is telling winnie about why she shouldn't drink the water he says, and you'll grow up and "you'll do something important with your life, maybe you'll have children." i almost puked on myself right there. damn you disney and your "woman, get in the kitchen barefoot and pregnant" messages! huff.

Posted by michele at November 04, 2002 10:00 AM

i thouught this movie was beautful and i enjoyed every minitue of it and i hope that they come out with a sequiel to it because i love tthis movie alot and i congraluate the movie director well done!!!

Posted by: halona on September 21, 2005 12:07 PM