July 29, 2002
orange county

i love you jack black!

this movie is actually really really good. the discussions of famous literature during english class ("what does it look like i'm speaking? french?") are so brilliant. you'll laugh your ass off. no really i swear. and jack black dood. the coolest of the cools. argh i love him so much.


Posted by michele at 04:49 PM
citizen kane

i seriously though this movie was going to be so boring. but it was so incredibly good. the origination of "deep focus" the camera angles, lighting, acting, directing, it was all just unbelievably awesome. 2 hours later orson welles became my new hero.


Posted by michele at 04:41 PM
men in black 2

soooo not as good as the original. they took pretty much the whole movie setting up the plot and then had to finish everything in like 10 minutes. it was kind of dumb. and the whole tommy lee jones got down and funky with an alien and this girl in the sequel is his kid and now will smith wants to make love to her till the break of dawn...trite trite trite. furthermore, what the hell happened with that woman tommy lee jones was so in love with and who he went back to live with at the end of the last one? totally kicked him out? what the fuck? anyway, dumb is my point. some good lines, mainly joshing on the original. feh.

Posted by michele at 04:39 PM
lilo and stitch


not perhaps as subversive as the last oh so brilliant disney movie, the emperor's new groove. but still pretty damn sweet it in its own right. funny and cute and touching (maybe a little TOO sappy, but whatevs yo i am a sucka for the sap). and fucking stitch was so goddam cute and horrific at the same time. i mean....it was like watching ME in michele the mouth form running around eating things. so brilliant. highly recommended.

Posted by michele at 04:36 PM