June 11, 2004
jersey girl

(amc kabuki 8, with christine, 4/2/04)

"you love me to the moon and back down to the ground."

in a shocking turn of events, view askew presents us with an incredibly sweet story of father/daughter love. also funny! i really enjoyed this movie and recommend it heartily. the little girl is so damn cute, and even though i don't have quite the obsession with ben affleck as christine does, he's none too shabby either. plus as smaller roles/cameos, matt damon, jason lee, and jason biggs are all in this movie too. you can't go wrong with those boys, you know? jason biggs almost kicked me in the face once and i'm going to never let that memory die.

funny lines:
"they're just skinny because they're all coked out whores." -ben affleck to j.lo.
"mark my words, you're going to give her the crotch rot." pampers delivery guy to ben affleck who is trying to change the baby's diaper and pouring way to much powder on her ass.
"i'm not really a whore-monger, dad." -ben affleck
"what are your intentions towards my daughter?" -ben affleck to the boy who just showed gertie his genitals.
"what are you intentions towards my father?" -gertie to liv tyler after catching them half-naked in the shower.
liv tyler, the elven princess, admitting she masturbates twice a day. shudder.

the early 90's humor (like the 70's humor in starsky & hutch) was excellent in this movie. the whole will smith thing was also funny. and the incorporation of a bit of sweeney todd was brilliant.

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