June 10, 2004
starsky & hutch

this movie i saw for free with gene who had comp tickets. i even got a free poster which subsequently was given to my brother and which has now been framed and sits on the floor. fat lot of good the framing did if it's just going to molder on the floor in my opinion. but whatever, not my poster, not my problem.

this movie = fucking hilarious. the writing, the acting, the jokes; it's all top-notch, my friends. i laughed really hard. the allusions to the 70's, snoop dogg, will ferrell's dragon syndrome, korean midget knife thrower, and ben stiller going, "do it! .... do it!" were delightful.

in the credits at the end there are some out-takes/bloopers, one of which is starsky and hutch walking towards the camera in slow-mo and a lot of pigeons fly up around them. this, i think, is a homage to john woo movies, which can also be seen reflected in the buddy-buddy, self-narcissistic homosexuality, male objectification, etc, but mostly just the slow-mo pigeons/doves things. i enjoy those slo-mo walking things. they do that (ben stiller and ed norton) in keeping the faith too. love it!

i strongly promote this movie.

Posted by michele at June 10, 2004 10:03 AM