June 11, 2004
scooby doo 2

(amc kabuki 8, by self, 4/2/04)

seth green seth green. his first appearance goes into slow-mo even. whimper.

and buffy and linda cardellini:
"i'm not hot!" -velma
"i'm not either!" -daphne
said while crawling around on the floor. and then velma wears red leather and asks seth green who his mommy is. eep.

this movie also has one of the best expositions of the reasons behind the villains actions that i've ever seen. old man winkles in the villain's hang-out says something along the lines of how they wanted people to believe they were something they weren't because they didn't like who they were. so he would dress up in costumes and terrorize people and get caught by those damn kids, but at least he was being something that was dissimilar to the self he hated. psychologically fascinating.

seth green totally wasn't in this movie enough. though the dance sequence at the very end when he's letting loose on the boogie floor with daphne (linda cardellini) is almost worth any disappointment i might have been feeling. rock on with dance sequences. more movies need them.

Posted by michele at June 11, 2004 10:15 AM