June 11, 2004
the prince and me

(amc van ness, by self, snuck in, 4/18/04, 4:20pm)

there's something to be said for movies where a girl from the mid-west can fall in love with the prince of denmark. this is the kind of film i like to see when my brain just wants for a moment to be transposed into happily ever after. sigh. fantasy vs. reality and all that bullshit. well, this movie came thru on that score. there's even some crappily done CG butterflies interspersed with wedding rings.

there's a whole hamlet undercurrent (and how could there not be?) only he doesn't have sex with him mother, and though his father does die, he's not murdered. whiny prince who just wants to play does grow up though. and the girl gives up the real-life fairy tale for her dreams of becoming a doctor. it's an interesting moral tale about taking responsibility for your actions and for your future. about giving up love, but not giving up on it. and then at the end, of course, they get everything. because he wants her in his life even if it means waiting. that's a lot of power for her to hold over him, so you got to question his ability to be an effective ruler. plus, how the hell did their relationship even get going? whirlwind romance, thy name is hollywood faking. (ultimately i cynicize.)

Posted by michele at June 11, 2004 09:55 AM