July 29, 2004
the bourne supremacy

(7/26/04, 5:30pm, AMC Kabuki, by self)

give me some poo! give me the poo!

in case you are curious what the hell i am talking about, please read my review of the second ludlum book.

they killed marie.

those fuckers.

i mean, sure they killed conklin in the first book, and i got over that deviation. but killing marie? MARIE? i am ok with it on the different from the book front, i am not ok with it on the no more franka potente front. dammit!

just in case you're reading this and haven't seen the movie yet, don't worry. they kill her in the first 10 minutes. i'm not really giving away a major plot point here. i mean, obviously her death spurs the plot, but being armed with this foreknowledge is not, in and of itself, going to ruin your watching this movie.

other then my severe issue with them killing one of my favorite actresses' character, this movie was pretty good. it was quite different from the first one. this can be seen most noticeably in the camera-work. the first movie was smooth and slick. this movie is going for super gritty-realism and providing the audience a chance to feel like they themselves are in the scene hiding behind a door or lurking in an alley. the vast majority of establishing shots were done with door frames showing, or thru windows with sides of building framing, or around corners with the closest wall leading up to the action.

plus, the camera was of the hand-held shaky variety and close-ups were the order of the day. during fight scenes or car chase scenes things got a little crazy. which was the one point when i think it would have been better to pull back a little and let the camera see more of what was going on, because everything became too inseparable and you couldn't see what the fighters were doing. if you're going to get your main actor to spend a lot of time on fighting lessons and then block fight scenes, you should maybe consider actually showcasing said fight so we can be impressed by it. it's hard to be impressed by something when it's looking like it could be called the blair bourne project.

favorite line of the movie: "it was my first time." -matt damon as bourne.

aaaawww! let it all out, you little virgin with your stupid-ass 12 step program to rid yourself of the taint of being a killer.

i still can't believe they fucking killed marie.

Posted by michele at July 29, 2004 11:55 AM

Hey! We thought similar things about

The Bourne Supremacy:

And Dodgeball:

Although I didn't get as bent out of shape about Marie, although I was very sad that she died as I like FP as well.

Posted by: Kenny on August 6, 2004 01:10 PM


i read the quote from pepper on your blog and almost fell out of my chair. fuck, he was totally funny.

thanks for linking those! i enjoyed reading them/enjoyed someone else having the same opinion as me. though i see that you liked mean girls more than i did even if you too did despair of the bus scene.

Posted by: michele on August 6, 2004 07:22 PM