July 29, 2004

(7/24/04, Phill theatre, 4:50pm, with mom)

mmm egyptian mythology and cats. i like cats. "beloved bast, mistress of happiness and bounty, sister of the sun god."

"catwomen!" they're not contained by society, you know, they follow their own rules. and their own rules dictate stomach and chest bearing leather outfits and bad hair.

the first half of this movie was ok. the second half of this movie became mired in its own supposed cleverness of the double entendre. "caaaat got your tongue?" and ordering a white russian, holding everything but the cream, oh hello milk mustache. a pointed ad for that milk campaign? could be.

the fight scenes are, in general, really good. lots of capoeira used, which is always sweet. fluid and kicking a lot with the legs. i'd be interested in seeing an actual cat do some of the things that she did, but whatever. the part where she died (by sewer water, gross), there's some shots of her looking around with her new cat eyeballs which made me curious as to how cats see the world (i'm frequently curious about this actually). is it really like that? i can't explain it very well, but distances got skewed and angle of head was key.

occasionally the fight scenes/the basketball playing scene, just turned into a music video, however. all loud, pumping bass and swooping camera. bright, bold colors! which was enjoyable, but sort of silly. more then sort of silly, absurdly silly to the point of producing adrenaline giggles.

halle berry, i don't usually like. she's lame and doesn't really act. (i've never seen monster ball, nor do i really care to, but perhaps that was oscar-worthy. i don't know. what does it even mean to be oscar-worthy? judgment call). but i did really enjoy her delivery of some of the lines. especially when she was being catwoman aggressive-type as opposed to catwoman meek-type. attitude. noyce. the whole aggressive/nurturing female dichotomy thing was, perhaps, interesting. but mostly it was schizophrenic and stereotypical.

beao-line, the evil skin-care product, what was it made out of? shelac? improbable.

it set itself up for a sequel, "to live a life untamed and unafraid...and so my journey begins." a little over the top, as was most of the film, but there you have it. mass money-making marketing strikes again.

i enjoyed this movie because it was fun, cute, fight-fantastic, and had cats. i wouldn't necessarily recommend this movie to most people. even though halle berry wanders around in a push-up leather bra and cracks a whip while licking incredibly red-lips, there's a lot of other filler crap which is less exciting.

speaking of the cats, i heard somewhere that they rescued like 35-40 cats from various animal shelters around LA to play extras. but what did they do with them afterwards is what i want to know.

Posted by michele at July 29, 2004 11:33 AM