July 21, 2004
a cinderella story

(7/19/04, 5:00pm, by self, amc van ness 14)

sitting in the theatre before this started i became pissed at myself for not inviting sean along as he seems to be so addicted to hilary duff. so i blamed myself for not thinking of this beforehand, since personally i think seeing a tenny-bopper movie with sean, of all people, might just be a highlight in an otherwise drab week. or at least day. but there's some incredibly horrible looking movie which they showed during the previews which she will be in along with the cute boy from 'what a girl wants' called 'raise your voice.' sean, we must, we must, see this.

i learned a valuable lesson in this movie. well, 2. 1) "fairytales aren't only about finding princes" something about how they're for realizing dreams. bah, i say. then you shouldn't make your entire movie be about finding this stupid boy. well, it wasn't really. it was about standing up for yourself, getting into princeton, and being true to yourself. whatever. and 2) whoever wrote this is a plague upon humanity.

the two main characters, played by hilary duff and chad michael murray, exchange incredibly lame love notes over text messaging on their phones and computers. it's painful. the things that boy was saying. oh, sweet lord, the horror.

how does cinderella end? happily ever after. and also with the line, "you've got to love high school." i think this only works when you're leaving it (within the context of the movie).

lastly, this girl was in both this movie and in dodgeball. coincidence that i saw them both on the same day? probably so.

this movie = dumb.

Posted by michele at July 21, 2004 10:24 AM

It is on for "Raise Your Voice".

Posted by: sean on July 25, 2004 05:34 PM

To add:

"Cinderella Story" sounded like it would be bad, but bad in a kind of boring way. There's probably a very nice thesis to be written about the explosion of teenage movies in the past five years that have "prince" or "prncess" in the title, or are out-and-out fairy tale stories on film. The thesis would be ground-breaking and bound in a clear plastic cover.

Posted by: sean on July 25, 2004 05:44 PM

sweet. i am seriously so excited, sean. sadly though i did just check and the stupid thing doesn't come out till october 8th, so we'll just have to muddle through till then.

also movies featuring the president's daughter falling in love with a young, cute CIA agent. this appears to be a trend too.

Posted by: michele on July 26, 2004 09:57 AM