July 21, 2004
dodgeball: the true underdog story

(7/19/04, 7:05pm, by self, snuck in after a cinderella story)

oh vince vaughn, don't fail me now. i have a thing for vince vaughn. it's his deadpan acting delivery. his face says, 'this is all a joke and inside i am mocking everything.' my own sarcastic nature revels in his ability to just look someone into submission. he's a beautiful, beautiful man.

that said. this movie is both really funny and really bad. things which are good about this movie: vince vaughn, alan tudyk (bollocks! garrrrr!), justin long, jason bateman (absolutely anything he said), chuck norris, and christine taylor's hair and unicorn fetish. things which are bad about this movie: ben stiller and christine taylor.

ben stiller was just sooo bad. like dumb, not funny, gross, stupid facial hair, horrendous fat suit. ungh. christine taylor with her, 'oh i have a girlfriend let me make out with her, hey! i'm not gay, i'm bi-sexual and now i will make out with you, vince vaughn, in front of my girlfriend.' LAME.

there were some really really funny tiny moments in this movie. nuggets of pure gold, if you will. the nazi dodgeball training video where we learn about opium dens and chinese opium addicts who invented dodgeball and played with severed heads. playing the girl scout troop in their first game when steve the pirate says, 'bollocks!' vince vaugn's face when he first sees christine's house completely drenched in unicorn paraphanalia. jason bateman and that other dood as pepper and cotton, the commentators on the dodgeball game. i was laughing almost everytime pepper opened his mouth. i think it was an in-the-moment thing unique to me. most people would probably not have the same reaction i did to his character. and chuck norris' cameo and interchange with vince vaughn. fucking priceless.

in conclusion: funny if you are a fan of vince vaughn or ben stiller. but pretty much a rental which i would neither buy nor pay money to see.

Posted by michele at July 21, 2004 10:07 AM