June 25, 2004
double dare

(International Film Festival, San Francisco, Kabuki 8, 4/26/04, 6:15pm, with Kristen)

the premise of this movie was already so wonderful, that i was won over before even having seen it. it's a documentary about stunt women, in particular the ones who did stunts for wonder woman and xena warrior princess. obviously i invited kristen to this. she loves wonder woman. i love xena wp. it was like a match made in heaven. and then we met zoe.

zoe bell is the pretty, young thing who did all the stunts for xena. oh man. kristen and i fell for her completely. and then she was there at the end walking on her hands and being all slightly tipsy and kiwi at us. sigh.

ok. but this movie was edited superbly with the going back and forth between zoe on set with zena and jeannie epper (stuntwoman for wonder woman who is now older and trying to find work and/or become a stunt coordinator). the dichotomy between young and old and the abilities of each was set off nicely. and then, of course, the two were brought together as zena completed it's last season (zoe in a flaming dress going thru a wall) and zoe decides to come to the states to try to find work. so jeannie and zoe become friends and jeannie helps zoe to get a job (ready!? drum roll!) as uma thurman's double in kill bill!

at the end of the movie there was a question and answer period with the director (amanda micheli), zoe, and jeannie. during the final filming of kill bill, zoe broke her arm and so she didn't get to kill bill, which still rankled quite a bit with her as she talked about all the work for that movie and then she didn't even get to kill him. it was adorable. also she said, "i wasn't even capable of wiping my ass, let alone walking on my hands." this after she showed us that she could walk on her hands again. she'd only managed that for the first time that week. she was a dirty mouthed, muscled, tanned, blonde new zealand girl. and i loved her.

as an introduction to what the lives of female stunt doubles are like, this movie was awesome. so if you're interested in xena, some behind the scenes footage of the fighting in kill bill 1, or swearing, i recommend this movie.

Posted by michele at June 25, 2004 10:01 AM

Zoe is a kiwi - newzealander!!

I loved your review

zoe's dad

Posted by: andrew on July 1, 2004 01:58 AM

aw, crap! i knew that, i swear. i get confused sometimes about geography. i mean, i *live* in the united states and i still get montana and colorado confused.

i'm glad you liked my review! your daughter is amazing. and you're famous also, you know. i saw you in that movie too. =)

Posted by: michele on July 1, 2004 09:12 AM

Had my five minutes on the red carpet at the stunt awards. If you fancy a peek take a look
Ignore the first few they are old friends from way back now living in the states.

Kiwis get p'od being mistaken for Aussies!!

If you happen to work in immigration Zoe needs a green card!!!!

Posted by: andrew on July 3, 2004 02:49 PM