June 10, 2004
ella enchanted

(Metreon, with mom, 4/15/04, 2:10pm)

once again i read the book right before going to see this. i need to learn not to do that. the book, though, is excellent. witty even. the movie is fluff. with some odd additions to the concept. prominent among these is the species/race discrimination and prince fan club that runs rampant through the whole thing. there's also some really bad CG work done which puts you in mind of a crap computer game. and a lot of singing. i quite enjoyed the singing even as a i flinched in shame for liking the singing. anne hathaway though is actually not a bad singer. she belts out 'somebody to love' in quite a convincing fashion. plus, she's really pretty with all that hair and those big brown eyes. sigh.

there's a lot of lame jokes in this movie. like the Frell flower bed and community center, the IV Seasons Hotel, the mall opening, her dad looking at the want ads in the paper, minnie driver and the bend it like beckham indian girl being in this movie. at the very end of the movie, BiLB girl shouts at anne hathaway, "good luck, ella!" it's like one of the 10 lines she has in the whole movie. my mouth just kind of dropped open at this point though because what the hell was she *doing* in this movie? sheesh.

fluffy but fun, i give my support.

Posted by michele at June 10, 2004 10:53 AM