May 01, 2003
bend it like beckham

(please note that i am catching up on movie reviews and hence can't really remember much since i saw all of these movies quite some time ago.)

there's this scene where jonathan rhys-meyer is at the door to jess' house and the dad opens the door and he has his back to it, but then he turns around and the light falls just right on his gorgeous fucking visage with the partially opened white t-shirt....oh man. i lose my breath everytime. i went and saw this movie in the dome JUST TO SEE HIM REALLY BIG on the screen. i paid less to buy this movie than i paid for my movie admission ticket and i just didn't care. oh JRM, you are so fucking hot.

the movie itself is good. i love the soundtrack. the plot is basically fluff, but does have some cultural (british, irish, and indian) subtexts which are interesting to watch out for. it's also interesting to listen to upper white middle class old people laugh at indian/british jokes.

if anyone wants to watch this movie, i do own it. you have to put up with chinese subtitles, but they're not so bad. and you can learn how certain kanji are written, most noticeably the one for "no". good times.

Posted by michele at May 01, 2003 06:27 PM