May 01, 2003
bulletproof monk

(please note that i am catching up on movie reviews and hence can't really remember much since i saw all of these movies quite some time ago.)

ha ha ha! i was soooo excited about this movie too. but, of course, as to be expected of anything starring seann william scott, this movie was shit. the acting, the dialogue, the PLOT. oh my god the plot. it was going all right. everything was fine. i was willing to believe this scroll which protects it's guardian and keeps them alive an extra 60 years looking young and the real nazis chasing it, whatever. but just went all to hell. they tried at the end to salvage something with this prophecy deal was kind of pathetic.

i felt so embarrassed and at the same time betrayed by chow yun fat. it was interesting to watch him act in english though because it appears to create this whole false person of a subservient in him. everytime he speaks or walks while speaking he kind of has this hunching "don't hit me, i am your humble servant" thing going on. it was kind of sad. i wasn't sure if it was a language inferiority thing or just his acting. either was it was bad. the walking shit-eater grin on legs named SWS was terrible. terrible. i can't even tell you. so full of shit. jamie king saved the movie in a fashion sense because all of her clothes were cool and she looked pretty. but on the whole, her plotline/lineage/reason for existing in the movie was just such a load of bullshit that it was hard to treat her character with any respect. and all the bad guys just sucked cock.

do not waste full admission price on this movie. seriously.

Posted by michele at May 01, 2003 06:21 PM