April 14, 2003
what a girl wants

ha ha ha!!! i really liked this movie. if i can drag anyone in the bay area to see it (erica. nuala.) i will. because come on, colin firth discussing someone's testicles. CUTE boy. bulging eyeball amanda bynes girl was marginally objectionable with that laugh, but otherwise easy to ignore in the face of the delightful fluff of the movie as a whole.

so the movie as a work of art is a piece of shit. the movie as a fun thing to watch, laugh at, and enjoy in a silly girl fashion is top of the fucking line.

i believe that my enjoyment was heightened due to the extremely Drunk Boy sitting next to me. he came in 15 minutes into the movie and started asking his girlfriend what had happened, all the time reeking of beer. later on, colin firth is demanding why he didn't know he had a daughter, and DB made the delightful observation of, "well, what do you expect when you fuck kelly preston?"

later on even than that when DB was getting intensely fidgety and aggravated with the teeny-girly-bopper movie he had been dragged to, "this is the gayest movie i have ever seen. the GAYEST." at this point his GF let him leave to return to the bar. he returned during the credits only to address me directly.
"so did you like the movie? was it good?"
"that's what i thought. i knew it was a bad movie."

good lines from the movie itself:
"...frantic kissing in the cloakrooms!"

"he hasn't been nice to anyone since he ate lord blank's testicle."
"that's awful."
"not as awful as the fact that lord blank is still reproducing."

nuala told me this morning about how some people are in a huge tizzy over the fact that amanda bynes in the poster is wearing red, white, and blue in front of two british royal palace guards flashing a peace sign. people are retarded. but in a wholly fascinating and absurd way that i can only appreciate.


Posted by michele at April 14, 2003 11:22 AM

"a simple gesture turns a sugary, dimpled TV starlet into a commie pinko bitch" = http://www.thespartandaily.com/vnews/display.v/ART/2003/04/03/3e8c9e3930eb4

cnn = http://edition.cnn.com/2003/SHOWBIZ/Movies/04/01/peaceposter.ap/

Posted by: michele on April 14, 2003 03:10 PM