June 10, 2004
eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

(emeryville 16 with jason, erica, and jolie)

the editing of this movie is awesome. and awe-inspiring. and semi-confusing at first.

i tried half-heartedly to assign hair colors to the periods of the film. i really wanted them to have a comprehensive aspect. she names some of them. blue ruin, red menace, agent orange. i forget what green was. someone else should see this movie and then give me evidence for my hair color theory. or i could see it again. it should be out on dvd soon i imagine.

in my notes i have, "all the books in a memory turned white". i think this is referring to the scene in the bookstore where she works and he's trying to get her to run with him....man, i saw this a long time ago. anyway, what i think i meant is that they turn blank. except maybe not. did the spines of the books on the shelf turn white? does anyone else remember this? maybe this could further my color scheme ideas. dammit. the very beginning of the movie everything was grey. what's it like at the very end?

sunshine isn't only yellow.

Posted by michele at June 10, 2004 10:30 AM