October 29, 2003
texas chainsaw massacre

GROOOOOOSSSSS. like boogers. only worse.

but if a movie's main appeal seems to be watching the girl from 7th heaven's midsection and ass parade around and run screaming from the ugly skin diseased boy then right on, movie, you have done your job and done it well. wear that shitty mtv movie award for best bellybutton with PRIDE.

i liked the hicks nature of the texan family who we "met" in this movie. they were brilliantly rendered. i've never seen the original, so i can't say how they compared. were they as good? i really liked them.

i think i was less scared of this movie than i should have been due to the fact that i had just watched eliza dushku in wrong turn get chased around by inbred freaks in west virginia. that movie was so sick. i was shuddering in disgusted horror for the whole latter half of it. i mean, inbreeding is just not a pretty sight. especially when they get all violent and hoot like monkeys. i'm sorry, i digressed into reviewing another movie there. texas chainsaw massacre, yes, not that good. not that scary. pretty stomach. the end.


Posted by michele at October 29, 2003 07:05 PM