August 21, 2003
uptown girls

uptown girls: brittney murphy is hot. and this movie is actually quite touching with the whole father/daughter bonding stuff and the sweetness between murphy and the little girl played by dakota fanning. it's not great, but it is cute.

Posted by michele at August 21, 2003 06:55 PM

ok. i admit i saw the commercials on tv and really want to see this movie. dunno why, but i do.

the real shocker? i live with two boys, and one day while glazing our eyes at the screen, that commercial went on. it finished, and brendan said ".... i'm not sure why but that made me want to see that movie." kinda shocking, especially that he said it in front of me and another witness.

then, the clincher shock: our new housemate, chris byron, agreed that it looked like it might be ... kinda ... fun.

are we the perfect housemates or what? i think we're going to see a matinee later this week. awwww. wish us luck.

- susan

Posted by: Pandas Unite on August 25, 2003 10:57 AM

giggle. that's pretty sweet. tell us if you liked it, and if they still liked themselves, after seeing it.

Posted by: michele on August 25, 2003 11:38 AM