March 13, 2003
blue lagoon duo

the blue lagoon

naked brooke sheilds. like the whole movie. holy shit. i mean you see pubic hair. and penises. you see those too.

furthermore they're COUSINS. and they have a baby. which, you know, is fine. whatever. it's just that is seems a little odd for a movie of the late 20th century. but whatever. i'm fine with cousins having sex. i'm even fine with them having a baby as long as thier children don't have babies together. but it's just a little risque of a topic, one would think, for hollywood. and the director of grease no less.

at the end they get found in thier little dinghy by the father/uncle and are taken back to civilization.

return to the blue lagoon

milla jovovich naked. only not completely naked. she's always got bottoms on. very small bottoms. but still. and the guy from charmed. the angel/husband/father one. ha ha ha! so young. although really not the 14/17 year olds they're pretending to be.

at the beginning of this one: the two from the first one are found by a random ship and are already dead, but the kid is still alive. and then he and the girl and her mom get re-shipwrecked on the same island (only it's really not the same island cause they filmed somewhere else.) mind you the dead guys are also not cousins in this one.

and this one ends with them staying on the island and away from civilization and its "guns."

furthermore the tagline in the preview (special features) was "out of innocence comes the most sensual love of all." oh good lord.

they also have a wonderful sex talk thing where the mom takes out a mango and a zucchini looking thing and a knife and it looks like she's going to hollow out the mango and demonstrate with the zucchini. but then she just says they lie very close together and that's it. cop out.


what does it say that in 1980 there was a conclusion that returning to civilization was good. and in 1991 civilization was bad? does it reflect world events? or were the moviemaker in charge people just being facetious? heh. either way, other than starting at how gorgeous milla is and how naked they are constantly in the first one, these movies are terrible.

Posted by michele at March 13, 2003 10:11 AM

dood, why do you include HOW THE MOVIE ENDS in the review?

Posted by: didofoot on March 14, 2003 10:18 AM

in order to contrast it against the beginning of the second one. and the end of the first one with the end of the 2nd.

what? i mean you're not actually going to watch these are you? and anyway they're well-known. it's obvious what's going to happen even if you don't know it already. and besides this isn't me trying to sell the movie to you this is me analyzing what i thought of the movie.

take your lumps and like 'em.

Posted by: michele on March 14, 2003 10:22 AM

i think the blue lagoon was such a cool movie!
i am soo hooked!
damn brooke shields was fine in 1980!

Posted by: head on June 15, 2003 01:52 PM

Damn straigth - Brooke Shields is a hotty.

Heck, they should create more "Blue Lagoon" movies. But with more nude and women. This time, no men. That guy and his stupid thong just stink.

Posted by: Johnnyboy on June 29, 2003 11:32 AM

man- brooke shields was fucking hott!
my gurlfriend was frieking out anout how hott atkins was-stupid movie though

Posted by: elliot on July 28, 2003 04:34 PM

i was so amazed!brooke shields was damn sexy!this is one of my favorite movie i ever seen.
im wondering where they shot that movie?

Posted by: kc on August 1, 2003 03:50 PM

This was an amazing movie, and the reason for that is because of the simplicity of the whole story. I think you can only really appreciate it for what it is if you just accept it for what they're obviously trying to portray, and disregard technicalities(the couple being cousins, editing etc.)

Posted by: Tiffany on January 2, 2004 12:59 AM

nice i kike the movie. it fits to the character

Posted by: janice imbong on January 3, 2005 11:52 PM