February 14, 2003
biker boyz

horrible! and it went on FOREVER. i don't know what possessed me to see this movie. but it was a very bad idea. some of the racing was all right if you like adrenaline fueled competition. everything else was awful. the random plot twist that really the kid is the king of cali's son and not slick will's was DUMB. and the end was stupid. and kid rock was in it. kid fucking rock. uuuurrrrrrgh.

i like the z on the end. and brenden fehr (was on roswell) and that i saw it in an almost empty theatre with only two other people--both female--and some old dood who walked in about 1.5 hours into it and watched the end. and i was in concord no less. concord.

Posted by michele at February 14, 2003 10:23 AM