January 24, 2003
feb 03 buffy episodes

fyi for anyone who cares (me. erica. nuala. kristen. jolie.)

New Buffy episodes all February long!

Tuesday, February 4, 8PM ET/PT:
"The Killer in Me"
When Willow starts to give in to romantic feelings for Kennedy, (eeeee!) her guilty conscience causes her to turn into Warren, Tara's killer. (oooo....) Also, the gang gets clues that lead them to believe Giles may be The First, (see! i bet he did get killed!) and Buffy helps Spike with what seems to be his malfunctioning chip, ultimately leaving Buffy with a shocking choice.

Tuesday, February 11, 8PM ET/PT:
"First Date"
Buffy goes on a date with Principal Wood, (ahhhh!!! dating the black man! who called it?!) while Xander goes on date with an enigmatic woman. Multi-Grammy nominee Ashanti guest stars.

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