May 13, 2002
Dude whereïs my car?

This movie is fucking brilliant. I mean, I know it’s dumb. That the plot is dumb, the actors are actually dumb (over the top Giovanni). And the writing is dumb. And cinematically it has nothing to offer in the way of interest or breakthrough. But it is just so goddamm funny that I love it anyway. Any movie that can take as its premise the end of the world being aborted due to two stoners who can’t find their car is pretty fucking sweet in my book. With lines such as, “Dude where’s my car?” “Where’s your car, dude?” “Dude, where’s my car” “Where’s your car, dude?” Ah the scintallating conversation that just goes on and on and fucking on. I scream with laughter. Even though it’s not really all that funny. Something about stupidity appeals to me I guess. Maybe I gots a little of the Giovanni in me too. And maybe I just like the pretty colors, flashy lights, and cute boys.

Posted by michele at May 13, 2002 12:00 PM