May 11, 2002

Crappy dialogue. And yeah I get the whole melodramatic writing is all a part of comic books. But I think my dislike of it just proves hwo much I really don’t like comic books. Which probably also corresponds to my gi-normous dislike of “unbreakable.” My point here I think is that they could have made it a really good movie adaptation of a comic book while AT THE SAME TIME having decent dialogue. Apparently however this is just too much to ask.
On the other hand. Tobey and Kirsten. Good god. Such cuties. And did anyone else see the MTV movie awards spoof of it? Jack black and Sarah Michele Geller kissing. Ahhhhhh…..not quite as sexy perhaps to some, but if you’ve recently developed a jack black obsession as I have then it’s pretty damn appealing. Equally crappy dialogue in the spoof though really. Buffy actually said, “looks like I’ve found myself a co-host.” But she delivered it with such relish that I managed to gag my gag reflex.

Posted by michele at May 11, 2002 12:00 PM