May 08, 2002
Undercover brother

Basically the extreme absurdity of this movie worked in it’s favor brilliantly. There are so many random occurances that have absolutely no basis in reality or further the plot line in any way shape or form. Suspension of belief was called for and I complied to my utmost. If they wanted to have him suddenly be wearing funky clothes in replace of the j crew ones while flying through a window—I was good with that. If he wanted to swerve his car all over the place and have his orange crush be the center of the axis undisturbed by motion—I was merely impressed and eager to drive like that myself. And if a tumbleweed rolled across at the showdown on a gorgous island with no real plants—well that was just fine and dandy.
Also the fact that within the first 2 minutes of the movie his windshield got shat upon and the little flying man in my head screamed “I’m gonNNNAAA POOOOOOPPP ON IT!” was pretty fucking beautiful, let me tell you.

Posted by michele at May 08, 2002 12:00 PM